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We are a small company with lots of experience. Small means being on a first name basis with the programmer, the artist, the layout person and the person who is going to give you one-on-one attention to your SEO.

You choose DPS because you don't want to stand in line to get your project off the ground.


Global Updating

Global Updating  - I just coined that phrase – like it? Actually it’s just a description of what happens when you build a site entirely in a database and add RSS feeds to it.

With a CMS site, because you can not only edit it on the fly, but all of the content is in your database, you can pick up that data via RSS feeds and have it display instantly on your Mobile App and Social Media.

This can be extremely beneficial if you are posting Press Releases, product updates and price changes, special timely offers, or events. As an example I’ll use the Press Release (again):

Management wants the Press Release available to the public as soon as possible. The old way:
1.    Write the release and get it approved
2.    Put on the news wire
3.    Provide a copy to the Web Group acting as administrator for your site.
4.    The Web group converts it to HTML and inserts it on your Web Site, this may take several days.

With CMS you authorize the press release and give it to the person in charge of web content. Walla! It is not only instantly available on your website, but depending on your other settings, can be made instantly available to your Mobile App and Social Media via RSS feed. With RSS feed, it can be made instantly available to the wire. That’s Global Updating!


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cowtownIn very short order, Mobile Apps have been created for just about anything you can imagine, but the question is; do you have one for your product or is your competition already much more visible?

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Support is a real consideration when dealing with digital products, a lot can go wrong, and some will. It’s nice to know that someone has your back during those times.

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